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Why Use Table Mats?
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Why Use Table Mats?

1. Create a special dining atmosphere

Create your own dining space with a copper-colored table mat, just like managing a mini garden. Placemats are like the grounds in the garden, which may be white sand, moss or lawn, and tableware is like rockery and plants. Different styles of tableware + different styles of placemats + different layout arrangements can give birth to countless different auras.

2. Divide the table space

If you are eating alone, the dining table is probably also a work and study table. At this time, there are probably other work and study supplies on the table. The way to quickly divide the dining area from this table is to spread a meal. pad. Although you may say "I don't need to lay a placemat to know which area is used for eating", a placemat with a "clear boundary" can clearly demarcate different spaces visually and psychologically, just like in the work area and An invisible wall is added in the middle of the dining area, which is like adding a dividing line between working hours and dining hours. From a psychological point of view, it helps you to enjoy the meal in front of you more attentively.  

If you are eating for two people, you can simply divide the dining area for two people through two copper colored table mats, silently restraining two people's tableware will not be disorderly, it looks neat and elegant, and it is also an efficient use of the dining table Regional approach.

3. Protect the table top

This is the basic function of the table mat. In addition to a certain heat insulation function, it can also prevent food juices and residues from dripping directly on the table. You only need to clean the table mat during cleaning. However, for many people, the decorative function of the placemat is far more important than the protective function, so in order to maintain the beauty of the placemat, you should try to avoid soiling the placemat during meals.

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