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What Material of Table Cloth is Better? Clean and Beautiful Table Cloth Art Award
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What Material of Table Cloth is Better? Clean and Beautiful Table Cloth Art Award

Tablecloth, this kind of home decoration software widgets, we are generally online shopping malls, look at their styles, and then directly order. Although the style of table cloth is important, the material is more important. Whether it is anti-scalding, whether oil stain is easy to clean, whether it has an anti-skid function and so on need to be taken into account. Then how to choose the material of tablecloth? What are the characteristics of common plastic, cotton and hemp tablecloths? Let me explain them to you one by one.

1. Cotton and linen table cloth
One kind of household table cloth is made of cotton and hemp. It's also a good fabric with good texture and very durable wear resistance. This kind of fabric is environmentally friendly and healthy, pursuing all kinds of natural things. Water absorption is better, gorgeous color, fashionable and generous. Household table cloth, cotton, and hemp also exist in most families.

The practical table cloth is mainly made of PVC, and the quality of PVC table cloth roll on the cotton substrate is the most guaranteed. The cotton bottom on the bottom layer of the table cloth makes it soft and easy to fold and avoids the shortcomings of rigidity and brittleness of traditional PVC table cloth roll. Moreover, unlike the traditional plastic tablecloth, the color of the tablecloth is too single and dark, and the color and pattern are diverse. It is easy to match with various decoration styles. It is a good choice for soft decoration.

3. Silk and satin table cloth
Family table cloth and satin are also a good choice. Although silk exists in hotels, dinners and weddings a little more, but also a lot of household use. The silk and satin table cloth looks more magnificent and noble, which shows the status of the host family very much. However, because of the particularity of the fabric, silk and satin household table cloth is usually dry-cleaned.

4. Chiffon table cloth
In addition to several kinds of table cloth, the common table cloth also has Chiffon material. We know that Chiffon has been widely used in clothing. Clothes made of chiffon are very popular with beautiful women. Similarly, Chiffon tablecloth is also very beautiful, and the popular small refreshing elements can give you a sense of elegance. Chiffon tablecloth is mainly white, some with exquisite patterns can create a romantic and emotional feeling.
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