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What Is A PVC  Cup Mat and Its Use?
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What Is A PVC Cup Mat and Its Use?

The pvc cup mat is a mat for placing cups made of soft pvc material. Its primary role is to prevent the cup from slipping, to avoid smashing the cup, and then to achieve the advertising effect through the pattern LOGO on the coaster. This is the pvc cup mat.

Use of pvc cup mat

Now that we understand what a pvc cup mat is, it is natural that we can think of a pvc coaster that can be used at home. Putting a few coasters on the coffee table in the living room not only beautifies the living room environment from the tiny places, but also avoids the “clear” sound of the tea cup intimately touching the coffee table, and the merchant realizes the advertisement promotion to the family.

The use of pvc cup mat in drinks and leisure venues such as bars and coffee bars can reflect the business characteristics of the venue and highlight cultural tastes. In the invisible, it has been widely publicized by consumers.

Jinhua Wantu Daily Products Technology Co., Ltd specializes in producing pvc bar mats, pvc coasters and floor mats, placemats and other pvc soft plastic products. At present, the company has invested in the establishment of a silica gel production line and joined the ranks of silica gel products. After years of actual production experience, our factory has basically realized production automation and efficient production capacity upgrade. It has solved the urgency of some foreign trade customers and has been well received by domestic and foreign customers.

Looking forward to the future, the company is determined to become the leader in the coaster industry, constantly optimizing the production process to improve efficiency and improve quality.

1. Starting from raw materials, the company has fixed raw material manufacturers all the year round, and the quality of raw materials is stable and has a price advantage.

2. The company constantly updates its equipment, and the company's annual financial plan allocates part of the funds to purchase the latest equipment in the industry to maintain technological and technological productivity.

3. The staff is stable. All first-line production employees have more than 5 years of production experience, and have master-level standards for production processes and quality control.

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