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What are the Table Mats Made of?
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What are the Table Mats Made of?

The wholesale table placemats themselves have the function of anti-scalding and anti-slip, which can well protect the tabletop of the restaurant. Secondly, the table mats are of different colors and shapes. They are also used to decorate the tabletops, coffee tables, etc., embellishing the monotonous restaurant atmosphere, which is a must-have for the family Products and placemats have different materials and functions:   

1. Cotton placemat   

Advantages: easy to clean, good heat insulation, the placemat made of pure cotton fabric has strong water absorption, the material is soft and fits the table well, effectively controls the heat of the tableware, quickly protects the table, and the cotton cloth is easy to clean. Don't worry about pilling and falling silk.  

2. Hemp placemat   

Advantages: Durable and insect-proof, solid wood dining table is a good partner Hemp placemats, as the name suggests, are placemats made of hemp material. The placemats of this material are very durable and have a long service life. At the same time, they have the effect of preventing insects and moths, which can extend the use of the table. life.  

3. Bamboo placemat   

Advantages: the best heat insulation, completely protect the bamboo placemats, the best heat insulation effect, completely protect the dining table, and prevent high heat from harming the dining table.  

4. Paper cloth placemat   

Advantages: environmentally friendly heat insulation very environmentally friendly materials, heat insulation and decorative effects are very good, but can not be washed with water.  

5. Plastic placemat  

Advantages: diversified shapes, decorated with the best plastic placemats. Needless to say, the heat insulation effect is natural. The biggest feature is decoration. The placemats of this material are not only flat, but also three-dimensional, cartoons, animals, gadgets. In short, there are all the shapes you want.  

6. Silicone placemat   

Advantages: environmentally friendly and extensive silicone placemats are currently the most used placemats. The materials are environmentally friendly, the shape is diversified, the heat insulation effect is also very good, practical and beautiful, and the placemat and decoration are all in one.

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