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Vinyl on the World Stage

Vinyl Making Table Mats-1

Vinyl is a good material for making table mats. In the process of material library inquiry, we found that vinyl materials have not been well used. It has the characteristics of easy cleaning, durable use and similar to traditional textile materials, and can replace the traditional linen as table mat. This kind of material has become a brand consistent material, which is used in all products.

Vinyl Making Table Mats-2

It is not simple to make simple things to the extreme. We are in the pursuit of excellent quality, but also care about every small detail, only in this way, we can make the humble table mat perfect!

At the same time, I will tell you a little trick in life. Add vinyl food pad in the refrigerator to solve the problems of many families. Since then, the refrigerator is clean and beautiful without peculiar smell. What's the matter?

The things in the refrigerator are not sealed tightly. They will be spilled in the refrigerator if you are not careful. There is a peculiar smell after a long time. The dirty things stuck on the partition of the refrigerator cannot be wiped off. You can only take them out and use the washing ball brush! It's still disturbing. If you don't want to smell bad in your refrigerator, increase the amount of cleaning, you can try this way. Put a pad directly on the refrigerator partition without worrying about the spillage of food soup.

Many families have their own DIY refrigerator liners. In general, we use table mats in our life, which can be made of ordinary vinyl mats.

Vinyl Making Mats-1

Vinyl Making Mats-2

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