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Types of Dining Table Cloth
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Types of Dining Table Cloth

Restaurant cloth pieces refer to table cloths, napkins, etc. used as decorations in the restaurant. The textures of cloth pieces include flax fiber, cotton, silk, velvet and yarn. Flax fiber fabrics feel smooth and crisp; cotton fabrics are durable and versatile. The jacquard tablecloths made of double-sided jacquard are regarded as high-quality and superior fabrics on the dining table. Because of its brilliant and bright colors, soft and smooth texture, silk cloth is suitable as a cushion cloth for buffet tables, display tables (cabinet) decorations, etc., and serves as a set off, so it is also called decorative cloth. The velvet cloth has a soft texture, a strong sense of drooping, and the color is bright and solemn and elegant. The tablecloth is made of velvet cloth. The gauze cloth pieces are light, white, and elegant, and play the role of covering tablecloths and table skirts in the process of table design and arrangement.

Types of dining table cloth

The choice of texture, color, and taste of cloth must consider the restaurant's grade, customer type, environmental atmosphere, durability of the cloth, ease of cleaning, cost control factors, and menu-based service methods. The cloth pieces in the restaurant can be divided into the following categories according to specific uses.

1. Tablecloths. Tablecloths come in various colors and patterns, but traditional and formal tablecloths are white. For themed catering activities, the color and style of the tablecloth can be diversified, and there is no need to stick to a fixed format.

2. Decorative cloth. Decorative cloth refers to the additional cloth towel that is laid on the normal tablecloth obliquely. Its specification is generally 100 cm square or the size is suitable for the table cloth surface. For a rectangular table spliced by a square tabletop, several pieces of decorative cloth must be added end to end. The size of the round table decoration cloth is the same as that of the table cloth, covering the entire table, the laying angle is not the same as the table cloth or the four sides are hanging down on the table skirt. The color of the decorative cloth should be in sharp contrast with the color of the tablecloth. The use of red, green, and coffee-colored decorative cloths can not only decorate and beautify the countertop and enhance the atmosphere of the restaurant, but also keep the tablecloth clean.

3. Napkins and surrounding cloths. Napkins are cleaning cloth items on the dining table. The sizes of napkins are not the same. Napkins with a side length of 50 to 65 cm are most suitable. Napkins with small specifications are called cocktail towels. The color of the napkins can be selected according to the main color of the restaurant and tablecloth decoration, and strive to be harmonious and unified. Waibu refers to the cleaning cloth that the waiter assists the customer to tie on the chest when the customer eats lobster, pasta, barbecue, teppanyaki and other dishes during the western food service process to prevent the sauce and oil from staining the clothing. The color of the cloth is more gorgeous, and it is in harmony with the dining table cloth, decorative cloth, napkin, etc.

4 cloth mats. Tablecloth pads are also called tablecloths. They are generally made of flannel. They are laid under the tablecloth to make the tabletop look soft, and the cups and trays will not make any sound. In addition, it can prolong the service life of the tablecloth and reduce the direct contact with precious utensils such as silverware. The collision and friction of the table.

5. Table skirts. Table skirts must be set around high-end luxury banquet tables, banquet bars, service tables, display tables, etc. The specific method is: after laying the tablecloth, fix the table skirt with pins, Velcro or snap-on clips in a clockwise direction along the edge of the table-shaped table. Table skirts have different styles. There are three main types of skirt pleats: wave shape, accordion pleat shape and box shape. The more luxurious table skirts also have different types of decorative fabric pieces (such as printed edges or short curtains). Pieces can be subdivided into types that reflect the characteristics of different countries and nationalities).

6. Other categories. In addition, the restaurant also has service cloth towels, pallet pad towels, chair covers and other cloth pieces. In addition, large cotton, silk, yarn and other cloth pieces are sewn into curtains to decorate walls, mirror frames, curtains, etc. It has become the fashion and trend of dining scene and decoration.

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