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There Are So Many Kinds of Mats, Which One Is Best?
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There Are So Many Kinds of Mats, Which One Is Best?

1.Bamboo mat

Bamboo mats are cool, durable and affordable. Commonly there are water bamboo mats, bamboo mats, and mahjong bamboo mats that are strung together with small bamboo pieces and plastic ropes. But the bamboo mat is harder, and people who like to sleep on a soft bed may not like it. Bamboo mats, especially mahjong seats, are cooler and are not suitable for people with weak body temperature regulation.

2. Straw mat

The grass seats are cheap and good. Although the straw mat is not as durable as the bamboo mat and the rattan mat, it is a copper coloured table mat. The straw mat is generally made of rush, bulrush, mala grass, etc. The material is soft, the water absorption is good, the cooling degree is moderate, and it is more suitable for the elderly and the baby.

3. Rattan seats

The rattan mat is durable. The rattan mat is hand-woven with rattan skin, which is divided into three types: regular yellow, regular white and evergreen (There is also the most durable in regular yellow, the most durable in evergreen). The rattan mat made by repeated steaming is sweaty, smooth, soft and wear-resistant, and the folding is not easy to break. It is generally available for several decades (the longer the use time, the better the gloss), and it is not easy to grow insects and is suitable for various people.

4. Linen seats

It is best for your baby. Flax is a natural fiber with excellent breathability, hygroscopicity and moisture wicking. At room temperature, the body's real temperature can be lowered by about 4 °C. It has the reputation of “natural plant air conditioner”, moderate coolness and medium price. It is a kind of copper coloured table mat. Moreover, the linen mat has the advantages of good hygiene and strong antibacterial power, and can inhibit the growth of fungi and microorganisms, so it is very suitable for baby use.

5. Bamboo fiber mat

It has a high technological content. Bamboo fiber mat is one of the most technologically advanced mats today. The bamboo fiber mat is soft and soft to the touch. You don't have to worry about being scratched, and it has good water absorption performance, is the first of all kinds of fibers, and has unique antibacterial and deodorizing properties, so it is also very suitable for the public.

6. Bamboo charcoal seats

It is suitable for people who have sweaty. The bamboo charcoal mat has a special oxidation treatment, which has strong adsorption, and has the characteristics of sterilization, deodorization, adsorption of dust, fresh air, and cool and pleasant characteristics. It is suitable for people who have a sweaty body. It is a kind of copper coloured table mat.

Which mat to use, you can decide according to your actual situation and economic situation. In fact, the most important thing about sleeping a pillow is how to sleep. If you do the following two things, you can stay away from the "seat disease."

1. The first time the mat should be used for high temperature disinfection. Simple scrubbing does not achieve the goal of thoroughly cleaning the mat. Therefore, whether it is a newly bought mat or an old mat that is used for the first time this year, it needs to be carefully cleaned, washed with boiling water and exposed to sunlight. Aphids and eggs are killed. Especially last year's mat, this mat is more than the newly purchased mat, and needs to be cleaned and sterilized.

2. The mat is scrubbed at least twice a week. In the summer, sweating is more, sweat is mixed on the mat and the sheets. If you do not change the wash frequently, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause skin diseases. Therefore, when using a mat, it is recommended to scrub at least twice a week and sun exposure for half a month.

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