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The Setting of Table Cloth
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The Setting of Table Cloth

1. The banquet table cloth is generally set by two people. It troubles a single operator to set a long table, which is easy to crumple and dirty the table cloth. Pay attention to the seam between the two pieces, if it is the case to lay the table cloth by one person.

2. For one piece setting, first, open the faced up table cloth in the middle of the table. Then, hold the nearside with thumbs and forefingers and the rest with the other three fingers. Afterwards, cast it swiftly onto the table.

A neat set is featured by a faced up table cloth, a straight central line and an even hemline. For two pieces with only one person, set the inner by the one-piece method then the outer. For two pieces with two people, set separately at 1/2 of the table sides (with the two pieces at 1/4 of the sides).

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