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The Materials of Floor Mats
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The Materials of Floor Mats

A variety of materials that wholesale placemats manufacturers employed to make floor mats sold on the market easily fools ordinary purchasers.

Common Types and Characteristics of Floor Mats:

1. The Nylon: It is wear resistant and easy to clean. However, it is in fond of static electricity, easily deformed and partially dissolved in the case of fire.

2. The Polyester: Being only inferior to the nylon in its wear resistance, it is heat and sunshine endurable.

3. The Polypropylene: Advantaged with abundant raw materials, it is light, elastic, strengthened, wear resistant and economical.

4. The Acrylic: It is known as a soft and elastic heat keeper of pastel shades with enduring hair and a anti-skid back. Unluckily, it has a weak water absorbing ability and a poor wear resistance.

5. The Cotton: Pure cotton with excellent water suction, it is an almighty mat compatible with diversified three-dimensional designs. It is easy to clean and perfect in accompany with anti-skid mats.

6. The Ultra-fine Fiber: Being 1.5-2 times of the cotton in water suction with 1/10 fiber fineness, it is softer and ultra-fine thereby rejecting the dirt to facilitate its maintenance and cleaning.

7. The Coconut Fiber: It is made of recycled natural coconut fiber which is environmentally friendly and durable. With a remarkable appearance of natural gloss and pretty printings, it serves as an effective scraper as well as an excellent disguise of dirt. Besides, it is easy to clean.

8. The Rubber Flocking: Famous for its outstanding draining ability, it enjoys a long life of beauty and withstands the sunshine and wear. It is not only an  anti-skid but also a helpful dirt scraper, which is easy to clean.

Most of the wholesale placemats manufacturers use the above materials for production.

Jinhua Wantu, a professional wholesale mat manufacturer with promised quality, is always ready for any consultation.

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