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The Maintenance of Vinyl Placemats
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The Maintenance of Vinyl Placemats

Vinyl placemats are a kind of manufactured product made of PVC foamed material, an independent closed cell foamed material with the polyvinyl chloride to be the major raw material bathing in high temperature mixed with foaming agent, additives and others, which is also known as PVC closed cell foamed materials and polyvinyl chloride foam. As a result of a refined foam structure, it has an even and smooth appearance with a crusted surface and a delicate touch with a delayed rebound. Accordingly, it is named as slow recovery PVC foam.

Notes for the Maintenance

1.The sunshine can serve as the sterilizer in case of a long-term damp.

2.The placemat asks for an immediate dry after washing.

3.Accidentally stained with oil, paint or soup, etc. , it needs to be cleaned at once, otherwise it will be smelly.

Notes for the Cleaning

1.Shake off the dust on the placemat as a daily routine.

2.Wash it using a high water pressure hose with a water temperature preferably below 40 °C mixed with some neutral cleaning agent. Do not use acid or alkaline based cleaning agent for they are aging promoters to the placemat.

3.Make sure of no residue of the cleaning agent and an immediate sunshine dry afterwards to sterilize the placemat.

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