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The Introduction of Vinyl Kitchen Placemats
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The Introduction of Vinyl Kitchen Placemats

The placemat is a kind of tableware that can protect and decorate the table, which is generally made of cotton, linen, bamboo, paper cloth and other materials with beautiful and various colors. It closely related to people's lives. Nowadays, PVC placemats are very common, and this kind of placemats is not only as beautiful as placemats made of cotton and other materials but also has its unique advantages.

The vinyl kitchen placemat is mainly made of high-quality PVC. It is heat-resistant, slippery-resistant, anti-bacterial and flame-retardant. The shape includes geometric, circular, oval, square and rectangular. It can be put under the plate, tableware, vase, ashtray, and decorative terms etc. It has functions of preventing the table from slipping, scalding table surface, while has a beautiful and elegant look. The design of the vinyl kitchen placemat is simple and elegant, making it an indispensable foil for home decorations. The placemat is easy to handle and can be erased directly with a dry cloth. No washing and ironing, no fading and no mildew. It is suitable for various styles of home furnishings, creating a relaxed and pleasant home life and dining atmosphere for users.
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