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The Functions of Contemporary Placemats
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The Functions of Contemporary Placemats

With people's constant pursuit of food culture, more and more attention is paid to the decoration of the table. It is a fashionable way of life that tablecloths and mats are laid on the table during meals. Choosing a satisfactory mat can bring pleasure and elevate the mood during meal time. Contemporary PVC mats have the following functions:

1. Protect tablecloth. Protect tablecloth from oil stains, stains or other attacks, especially for the cotton tablecloth. The use of mattresses can completely avoid the trouble of cleaning, make replacing and handling mats easier.

2. Heat insulation and sound insulation function. Prevent tables from being scalded or being scratched by tableware.

3. Anti-skid function. Another function of the PVC mat is anti-skid and anti-shock. It can prevent tableware from sliding at will and reduce accidents such as falling and breaking of tableware.

4. Water absorption function. The cloth surface of the PVC mat has the function of absorbing water, which can absorb a little water sprinkled on the mat and keep the tableware in a clean environment.

5. Appreciation function. The style, color and design style of the mat can reflect the master's fashion and cultural taste.
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