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The Function of Coffee Cup Coasters
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The Function of Coffee Cup Coasters

Sometimes coasters can be served as a kind of foil. When drinking coffee, placing a coaster under the coffee cup will look modern and elegant. There are many functions of coffee cup coasters, as follows:

1. Coasters can insulate the heat, protect the table from burning, and look elegant by adding a coaster when drinking coffee. In addition, when serving tea to guests, you may burn your hands without a coaster. But with it, your hands will not be burned.
2. Coasters can decorate and beautify the desk. Now there are many kinds of coasters, and their styles are also diversified. For different tea sets or cups, matching them with different styles of coasters will bring various feelings and show taste to the guests.
3. Coasters can be used as advertising promotional gifts, gifts or souvenirs for business activities. We can make the coaster into the shape of the brand logo, or print LOGO, advertising words or anything we want to publicize on the coaster.
There is no standard way to use the coaster. The key is safety and practicability. No matter what kind of material the coaster is, it can not often drop. Besides the paper coaster, other kinds of coasters can be washed with water and scrubbed.
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