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The Features of Wedding PVC Table Covers
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The Features of Wedding PVC Table Covers

Many people must have heard about the PVC table cover for its anti-skid, wear-resistant, easy to clean, and good decorative effect. It has many advantages that ordinary table covers do not have. The PVC table cover is basically harmless to the human body, but if it meets a particularly high temperature, the PVC table cover will also deform or even melt. This is going to happen when the temperature around reaches at least 185-205 C, which almost does not exist in real life. Among the PVC table covers, there is a kind of gilded table cover being very convenient and beautiful, which is suitable for wedding occasions.

The PVC hot stamping table cover is based on the principle of hot pressing transfer, which transfers the aluminum layer in electrolytic aluminum to the surface of the substrate to produce a special metal effect. It can decorate the surface and increase the added value of the product. The combination of bronzing and other processing methods, such as concave and convex pressing, can better show the strong decorative effect of the product. PVC table cover, with high quality and reasonable price, is acid and alkali corrosion resistant, waterproof, oil and scald-proof. The chemical properties of PVC are extremely stable at room temperature. PVC hot-stamped table cover is easy to clean. If it is dirty, just wipe it with a wet cloth to avoid the trouble of washing.
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