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The Collocation Knowledge of Restaurant Placemats
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The Collocation Knowledge of Restaurant Placemats

When dining in a restaurant, the atmosphere and tone of the whole restaurant particularly affect the dining experience of consumers. As an important part of restaurant decoration, how to choose a Restaurant Placemats is very important.

1. According to the color of the table. If the table is mostly white, then simply use the same white mat.

2. Match according to the style and characteristics. Although the traditional pattern is colorful and lively, it conflicts with the European style and makes the table look messy.

3. According to the decoration atmosphere and preferences.

4. Match with the table. The presence of the mats gives the table a flat composition of square to the drawing. Choosing a mat should consider the size and proportion of the table, based on the principle of not overlapping with each other.

5. Match with tableware. The size depends on the proportion of tabletop and tableware. After putting the utensils on, the principle is that the utensils do not run out of the mat. It is better to place rectangular on circular plate and matched circular mat with circular plate. If circular plate is to match with square mat, it should depend on whether the proportion is too different, which means that it is better to have appropriate blanks.

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