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The Abundance of the Table Mats
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The Abundance of the Table Mats

The type of table mat is very rich, and its use is very wide. Here is an introduction of table mats of the PVC and EVA material.

PVC rubber table mats: Natural rubber mattress has no irritating odor, and its surface is printed beautifully, showing the high grade. Its rubber has the function of the anti-skid and the waterproof use range of the PVC is wide. It can also be used as a photo frame pad, and the advertising effect is more obvious.

Environmental EVA table mats: With its exquisite appearance and convenient and practical functions, EVA table mat has won the favor of many electronics, networks, electrical appliances and food manufacturers, and has become an important form of enterprise advertising. Therefore, EVA table mat is also the most popular custom made table mats. EVA advertising table mat is particularly suitable for advertising, because it is cheap and ha beautiful printing, large advertising space, strong publicity. EVA table mat has the following characteristics:

1. Very effective. When you make a small table mat, you won't let others throw it into the garbage, which is unlike to the other books, magazines and advertising leaflets, so that every part of your investment will come true.

2. The price is low. Although the effect of TV advertisement is good, the cost is high. Newspaper advertisement is less vivid and intuitive than table mat. Printed propaganda materials will be thrown away casually, and table mat can be used many times. After using this method, the threshold of advertisement is greatly reduced, and small enterprises or individual households can also own their own tablemats, instead of being patented by large enterprises and tourist attractions.

3. Large amount of browsing. Generally, only one person can read a leaflet, and the small table mat will let him see more relatives and friends. At the same time, it can increase business opportunities.

PVC transparent mattress: Crystal mattress is a new generation of high-tech products, which replaces the shortcomings of the traditional glass, such as bulky, fragile, injurious and so on. At the same time, it has many advantages. It is suitable for all tables such as dining table, office table, writing desk, bedside cabinet and tea table. Its transparency is very high, and it can resist heat tea, hot soup, and has the cold and freeze resistance, anti-pressure, non-toxic and tastelessness, green environmental protection.

Different table mats have different uses, and small table mats play a great role. Jinhua Wantu Daily Products Technology Co., Ltd waits for you to custom made table mats!

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