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Size Selection of Table Cloth
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Size Selection of Table Cloth

Nowadays, home textiles are indispensable in home life. Table cloth is a kind of home textiles. What are the dimensions of table cloth? What is the size selection method of tablecloth? Next, I will take you to know some knowledge about this area, hoping to help you.

When choosing tablecloth, we should first choose the tablecloth according to the size of the table at home, and the selected tablecloth must be a little larger than the table, so that the tablecloth has the effect of natural sagging. It is more beautiful.

When choosing tablecloth, you can choose a whole set. The tablecloth matches the laying on the chair. It's of European style. Table is divided into two kinds round and square. So when choosing the size of tablecloth, we must choose according to the table at home. Round tablecloth is usually chosen with diameter + 30 cm on each side. Square tablecloth should be 15-35 cm on each side, which will be more beautiful.

In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standard and the pursuit of quality of life, cloth tablecloth has been more and more used. Although cloth tablecloth has some shortcomings such as it can be dirty easily in practicality. With the increasing number of new people who are keen on Western food, people's eating style is also changing slowly. A cloth table cloth suitable for personal style has become part of the life of these people.

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