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After-sale Service
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    Create a Fashionable Restaurant with Tablecloth
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    Different Materials of Household Dining Table Cloth
    We usually cover the dining table cloth on the dinning table at home, as the dining table cloth plays a very important role. Then, what material does household dining table cloth have?1. PVC table pla...
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After-sale Service

Our customer service department is dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible support. We are here to help you with any request you might have and usually address the following points:

1. Professional consulting services regarding our products.
2. Provide guidance in understanding and familiarizing with product grades, properties, and range of application and usage.
3. Contact point for product quality objections.
4. Contact point for customer advice and suggestions.

And in perfect condition...

We ensure that your products are delivered in the best possible condition. Whenever necessary, our preferred transport partners receive special instructions for handling the cargo. In many cases, we also carry out a full inspection of the products before and/or after shipment.

If you have any service feedback or you are interested in discussing long-term cooperation with us, please contact sales3@wt-placemat.com

Contact Us
  • TEL:+86-0579-82926588
  • EMAIL:sales3@wt-placemat.com
  • ADDRESS:No.289 Fahua St.Jindong District Jinhua city Zhejiang, China