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WANTU PVC Cup Coaster

PVC Cup Coaster as a necessity in our lives, traditional coaster such as a bamboo coaster, cotton coaster… And WANTU with a new process, hot-stamping technology, In the PVC Cup Coaster production stands out. Exquisite design, beautiful patterns, is absolutely your choice.

Types of PVC Cup Coaster

The Function of WANTU PVC Cup Coaster

1. The basic function: to place cups and insulate the hand from scalding.
2. Decoration: when you drink coffee, a beautiful PVC Coaster can not only heat resistant but also make the whole person looks more elegant.
3. Gift: when your friend's birthday, give him a set of cups with a coaster, it will show your gift is very careful and specially.
4. Advertisement: you can print the company logo and advertisement to the Cup Coaster, it will make many people know your company or products. Perhaps know the culture of your company.
5. Other function: they can be used to the hotel, coffee, bookstore, an important meeting or home. On any occasion, a good cup coaster will always score points for you.

Features of WANTU PVC Cup Coaster

  • Materials: Cup coaster were made by 100% PVC 
  • Cup coaster size: 12cm, 16cm, 20cm.
  • Color: Beige Gold, White Silver or customized
  • Technology: Hot-stamping color.
  • Shape: Square, Oblong, and other structures available
  • Advantages: Waterproof, Washable, No fade and stain, Anti-oil, Non-mildew, and heat resistant (The Round Vinyl Placemats sets insulation effect could reach to 80℃, help to protect your dining table from scalding and create an enjoyable dining environment).
  • Environmental protection: eco-friendly, hygienic.
  • Packaging: 12pcs/poly bag, 600pcs/carton.

Customization of WANTU PVC Cup Coaster

In WANTU, our PVC Cup coaster can be made into any color and style you want to achieve maximum customization and specialization. In an era of personalized pursuit, WANTU must be the only choice.

Choose WANTU PVC Cup Coaster

In an era that calls for our environmental protection, we design the best products at the same time, but also the concept of environmental protection in the end. Our PVC Coaster has entitled to many international certifications such as ITS, PTS, BV&SGS with the strict quality assurance.

Could you please give us a chance to introduce our products to you, we are sure you will have a good impression on us. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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