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Notes for the Selection of Table Cloth
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Notes for the Selection of Table Cloth

For someone who always covers the chores, the less stains on the dining table, the better.

The raw material of PVC is resin whose waterproof performance is as excellent as general plastic products.

To be a energy and time saving replacement of cotton table cloth which consumes labor and time to wash and dry, the PVC tablecloth roll, accidentally stained with soup, is easy to clean.

The tactile sense of objects is conveyed by its material, which is also a sensory judgment of the object. Advantages as the PVC table cloth has, it is not soft enough compared to the delicate cotton table cloth. The cotton substrate PVC table cloth is a perfect way out for those who are fond of soft effects.

Quality Identification

First, for the thickness, generally speaking, the thicker is the better.

A piece of good table cloth is hard to distinguish its two faces, which is a considerate way of PVC tablecloth roll suppliers to serve the users. Unlike the single PVC tablecloth roll faced poor, the good table cloth can be in double-faced usage.

Jinhua Wantu is one of the PVC tablecloth roll suppliers of a reliable quality and a reasonable price. We are ready for any consultation at any time.

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