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Necessary for Home: Meal Mat
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Necessary for Home: Meal Mat

The fashionable and modern dining mat can show you the elegant appearance of your home and provide you with a comfortable atmosphere when eating and impressing your guests.

Meal mat can be rolled up, easy to store, can also be seasonally changed to match home decoration. The high quality dining mat will not fade, and the wear-resistant dining mat can avoid scratches and protect the dining table. It is also very practical and can be used as dining table, coaster, heat insulation pad and heat insulation pad.

The durable food mats produced by Wantu are made of waterproof materials, which can dry quickly and prevent dyeing. The weaving is very beautiful, colorful and tactile.

Spiral pattern is woven with high quality technology, delicate and beautiful area, suitable for most occasions.

Washing: easy to clean, care, just wipe or wash, and then let them dry thoroughly.

As a professional vinyl pad supplier, we provide different kinds of heat-resistant, meal mats, as well as high-quality products and services. When you are satisfied with any problems after receiving the product, please keep in touch with us at any time, we will deal with your problems in a timely manner, and carefully feed back your opinions and ideas.


1) do not use washing machine to clean, use brush and soapy water to clean directly.

2) do not put it in the microwave oven.

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