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Multifunctional Use of Table Mats
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Multifunctional Use of Table Mats

Table mat is a kind of food item which can protect and decorate the table, which is suitable for advertising promotion, publicity and gift. It can print LOGO, and use in the school canteen, so that enterprise culture can be better publicized and promoted. It is mainly made of plastic material, with good anti-scalding, anti-skid, heat insulation effect, which is easy to clean, and suitable for tea table, middle of the table and the below part of the crystal board, which play a decorative role in the home environment. The design of the transparent table mat product is compact, generous, and has the elegant printing, ink and environmentally friendly and non-toxic material, so that it can be reused many times.

High quality table mats have antistatic property, which is a necessary product in the use of precision instrument desktop of telecommunications, electronics and computer companies. Now many companies that use computers in general have replaced glass desktops with soft glass.

The types of table mats are complex and varied, and the materials are also changeable. Taking natural rubber table mats as an example. The combination of high quality natural rubber mouse mattress and professional thermal transfer technology creates a beautiful practical art and creates unique visual shock. The characteristics are distinct and diverse:

1. The silk is smooth and soft. The texture of the double-layer fabric is tighter after the treatment of high temperature and high pressure, so the handle is smoother.

2. The positioning ability is very high, and the real-time braking ability is especially better when the mouse moves on its surface, so it is popular with many players.

3. Compatibility is very good, and it can be washed (wet cloth is recommended to wipe on its surface, because frequent washing will lead to changes in the feel of the cloth surface, thereby affecting the use of hand).

Jinhua Wantu Daily Products Technology Co., Ltd provides high quality table mats. I believe that it will not let you down!

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