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Identification Method of Floor Mats
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Identification Method of Floor Mats

A good copper-colored floor mat must first be able to perform its functions well, such as hiding dirt, scraping sand, and absorbing water. This is the fundamental criterion for judging the quality of the floor mat. Secondly, a good floor mat should be easy to maintain, does not require too much manpower and material resources, and should be durable and environmentally friendly, and the design and color can be kept beautiful for a long time. If the above items are met, it should be considered a qualified floor mat. Consumers may wish to go to more stores to compare the differences in materials. In addition, if you want to make your own floor mats durable, it is important to strengthen daily cleaning and maintenance.

Several simple and easy identification methods are provided:

1. Floor mats are home textiles. For its safety and health, the most authoritative international monitoring standard is the "Oeko-tex standard 100" international ecological certification. Passing this certification means that it is harmless to the human body, and its brand and products have obtained "confidence textiles" title. Similarly, China has a "China Environmental Carpet" inspection. When purchasing, you can look for such inspection marks on the packaging, if any, its safety and health performance is guaranteed.

2. The most direct method is to touch the surface of the floor mat with your hands to see if it has shed hair, if there is a color difference, and smell it with your nose for a pungent odor. Quality copper colored placemats, especially synthetic mats, should be odor-free.

3. If you choose a doormat, you can test its sand scraping function. The specific method is to walk on the floor mat after stepping on the mud or dirt with both feet, and then step on the white paper. Then observe whether there is dirt remaining on the white paper. If there is any remaining dirt, it means that the mat has a poor decontamination function. This test can be done several times to prove the effect of the mat after continuous use. If you choose a floor mat that emphasizes water absorption, you can wet your hands and press on the floor mat to see if there is any water left on your hands. If there is no residue, it proves that its water absorption performance is good.

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