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How to Make Table Setting an Art at Home?
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How to Make Table Setting an Art at Home?

A satisfying meal is not only about the food itself, but also about a good environment. This is the reason why you choose to have a hasty meal in a small restaurant with a messy environment but sit for several hours in a star-rated restaurant with a cozy environment.

If you can bring home the elegant dining environment and make the table setting more attracting, isn't it more interesting than going to a high-end restaurant? Besides, you can save money in your pocket and show your lovers and friends your excellent cooking skills. Isn't it killing two birds with one stone? Most importantly, the beauty of the home will also be improved.

So how to put the dining table into art, so that your restaurant has a five-star sense?Please look at the following tips!

1. Dining table cloth

The dining table colth is like the base makeup for girls. As the foundation, it determines the style of the table setting. The tablecloth that can completely cover the dining table is more formal,  and pure pigment is not fancy, cotton and linen material is closer to nature, which can serve as a foil to food and tableware and will not be overwhelming. Moreover, it has the function of anti-fouling and heat insulation.

2. Table flag

Table flag can be used with tablecloth or be used separately. Generally, it will be laid on the center line or diagonal line of the table. The color of table flag and tablecloth should be distinguished. The selection of table flag can also be matched according to the color of the surrounding environment.

3. Placemat

You can choose some chic colors for placemats. Gold coloured placemats can bring high-grade gorgeous feeling; light blue placemats are suitable for exquisite dishes; and black mat can add high-grade feeling and highlight food at the same time. You can also choose warm colors, so it will look more appetite. However, the number of colors should be no more than two, otherwise there will be a visual sense of chaos.

4. Tableware

There are plenty of brands and styles of tableware. If you want a set of tableware that can fit well in any occasions, you can buy pure white ceramic utensils. Pure white will give people a sense of cleanness, and can help to highlight the appearance and color of dishes. However, the choice of pattern and shape is not limited, and it's OK to add some new elements appropriately.

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