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How to Colour Table Cloth and Table Runner Reasonably in Wedding Arrangement
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How to Colour Table Cloth and Table Runner Reasonably in Wedding Arrangement

Monochromatic table cloth catches the eye with table runners. When table cloth is monochrome, we should consider adding colour with decorative runners. Otherwise, the overall feeling will be somewhat single. The selection of decorative runners can equip the table with a clear sense of hierarchy.

Colour-blocking tables are more standout. If the table cloth is colourful, it is suitable to match it with the table runner of similar colour system.

It’s better to match light table cloth with gorgeous table runner. Warm-coloured table cloths are light in colour and can be matched with blue runners with higher concentration. The cold and warm colour contrast of the table runner itself makes it the focus of vision.

The elegant table runner calms the sense of colour confusion. The mixing of various colour and patterns on the table cloth makes people feel overwhelmed. In this case, if the table cloth is matched with the bright-coloured runner, it will be difficult to distinguish the layers. The table runner with simple and elegant patterns will appear more stable.

Gorgeous table cloths can be adjusted with heavy-coloured runners. The gorgeous table cloth with multicoloured splicing is very eye-catching, and the PVC material itself has a good colour, which makes it look bright. Or if you want to be a little introverted, you can choose a dark runner with patterns to neutralize.

Generally speaking, white table cloths or white tables will be chosen to correspond to the overall colour of the wedding site. It’s time to use gold table runners with fine patterns for collocation , which will complement each other. There is a sense of visual hierarchy, and it will not be too noisy.
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