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How to Choose Plastic Table Runners?
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How to Choose Plastic Table Runners?

After the standard of living has improved, most families have begun to focus on the quality of life.  The use of textile table runners, especially cotton table runners, is also becoming more common.

Cotton fabric table runners are not resistant to dirt, so be careful when eating. Plastic table runners are more decorative and easier to clean than cotton table runners.

Many news reports unconsciously bind the words "plastic" and "pollution" and "toxic".  Most people have the impression that they started with "white pollution."  Plastic table runners are no exception.  Although plastic table runners are easy to use, many people still have doubts about whether plastic table runners are healthy and safe.

Consumers who prefer plastic table runners can eat hot dishes and put a wooden mat on the table runner.  In this way, when using a convenient and beautiful PVC table runner, the safety is also more secure.

Polyethylene table runners are always a safety hazard. Once toxic substances are absorbed into the body and absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, some of them will have toxic effects on the nervous system.  Be sure to see the ingredients when you buy a tablecloth.  If toxic substances are contained, they should not be eliminated. Jinhua Wantu uses the safe and healthy materials approved by the state to produce tablecloths, which will never harm customers.  Welcome customers to come to buy.
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