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How Is the PVC Cup Mat Made?
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How Is the PVC Cup Mat Made?

Product Usage

The pvc cup mat can be used as a coaster for restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and tea shops because it can make different company logos, telephone numbers, addresses and other information on the coasters. It can not only improve the company's image, but also play the role of advertising. Of course, there are also many companies that are used as gifts to give back to customers or potential customers.

Pvc cup mat production process

The pvc cup mat is made of pvc soft rubber material. Many people don't know much about the PVC soft rubber coaster production process. The production process of the product is generally as follows: firstly, according to the customer's design drawings or samples, the mold is opened, and the mold is sandblasted after the mold is opened. The PVC raw material is toned (the color is according to the pantone color number or sample color given by the customer) ). After the preliminary work is completed, the production will be carried out. Production of epoxy is a critical part of the process. After the epoxy is colored on the mold, it is baked and dried using a baking mold. Finally, the color of the primer is poured, and once again, it is cooked on the baking table. After the bottom material is cooked, the product is cooled and formed with cold water. The shape of such a pvc coaster is made.


The product meets the export standards and is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It has beautiful appearance, vivid color, strong three-dimensional effect, clear and natural pattern, soft texture, light resistance, sweat resistance, frost resistance, anti-friction, anti-aging, no fading, no water and so on.

Jinhua Wantu Daily Products Technology Co., Ltd specializes in producing pvc bar mats, pvc cup mat and floor mats, placemats and other pvc soft plastic products. The company constantly improves the production process and adopts professional environmental protection materials. The anti-slip mat products and PVC soft rubber coasters produced by our company are different from products produced by reprocessing with recycled waste!

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