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Gold and Black Color at Weddings
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Gold and Black Color at Weddings

Many couples dream of having a luxurious wedding. Luxury is not necessarily material. Sometimes the visual color collision can create a gorgeous feeling. In the tricolor of black, white and gold, black is used as the main color which is noble and great; golden, calm black in the golden eye, is the classic choice; white improve the brightness of the wedding scene color, which is simple and generous. These three colors can be said to be the perfect "three swordsmen" in wedding color matching, but it is difficult to achieve the desired effect because of the strong color. So how to create a low-key, luxury, simple and grand wedding with collision of the three colors?

Because of this "three swordsmen" strong sense of color, the use of the need to match the layout of a sense of simplicity can highlight that low-key luxury. In fact, it is a good idea to choose the gold coloured table mats for the wedding. The corresponding table flowers in black and white are more mysterious in the green leaves. The banquet hall lights are dim. The top is lighted with warm colors, and the bottom of the table is lighted with candles and table flowers.

A large number of small and delicate golden tableware is used, which set off the gold coloured table mats, which can not only create a romantic and gorgeous atmosphere, but also make the dark wedding scene appear bright. Crystal glasses are matched with black stirring bars, which echo each other and have bright colors. All the gold details, along with the black, constitute a complex and fascinating palette.

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