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Function and Characteristics of Placemats
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Function and Characteristics of Placemats

Generally speaking, the ground can be divided into soft ground and hard ground. The soft ground refers to carpets while the hard ground refers to floor tiles, wooden floor, and so on. The placemat is a new product between soft ground and hard ground, which is mainly used in many high-grade places such as hotels, guesthouse, restaurants, office buildings, and so on. The area of soft ground of some high-grade places covers more than 75% of the total ground area, which also contributes to a unique corporate image display and style of these places, so the maintenance and protection of soft ground is particularly important.

If the main function of carpet is decoration, the function of placemat is more practical. In addition to the decorative function of carpet, the placemat takes on the tasks of dust removal, water absorption, mud removal and skid prevention from entering the door. It also plays the role of anti-fatigue and anti-static in some special occasions. The placemat is a product which can effectively scrape the mud and water at the entrance and keep the indoor floor clean. Characterized by soft elasticity, comfortable feet and the containing of the unique anti-ultraviolet additives, the placemats can prevent fading and embrittlement and can withstand the outdoor environment having the sun and rain.

The characteristics of the placemat are remarkable and the installation is stable. It will not slide easily and become wavy shape due to the passing of heavy objects such as trolleys and wheelchairs. It is buried in the ground and the surface and the ground level is in the same line, which will not trip pedestrians; it is convenient to pass for the sliding doors and carts, which is very convenient and safe. At the same time, it has a good function of dust removal and skid prevention, and can avoid friction between sand, impurities and the ground, and protect the surface smoothness of the ground stone. It has a long life, and wear-resistant surface damage can be replaced separately, which is easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to clean, reducing maintenance costs.

The ground cushion surface can choose various materials, has good decoration, and gorgeous and beautiful appearance, which is loved by friends. Of course, the style of the placemats needs to be customized due to different environments. Jinhua Wantu Daily Products Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in making custom placemats wholesale, and the product quality is in the first class, welcome to visit!

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