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Features of PVC Table Placemats
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Features of PVC Table Placemats

PVC table placemats are common in our life, as they largely meet the needs of different consumer groups for PVC table placemats. PVC table placemats can well protect our desktop from damage. They have smooth and transparent surface without cracks or bubbles. Besides, they have uniform color and heat resistance. Therefore, they are popular among people. So, what are the features of the PVC table placemats?

1. PVC table placemat has smooth surface and uniform color without cracks or bubbles. It can resist heat, cold, aging, heavy pressure as well as strong acid and alkali with good transmittance and long service life. To a certain extent, it can be used as an alternative of glass, as it has more advantages than glass, especially in impact resistance and tensile resistance, which not only ensure its long service life, but more importantly, do no harm to human body. PVC table placemat is warm in winter, cool in summer and soft in quality, which provides a more comfortable experience for desk-bound workers.

2. It is light resistant, and will not be deformed, shattered or hardened. Moreover, it has high elasticity.

3. PVC table placemats are soft and easy to write on.

4. PVC table placemats can withstand a maximum temperature of 100℃ and a minimum temperature of -30℃. They can resist heavy pressure as well as strong acid and alkali, which help to improve the efficiency of desktop work, reduce the cleaning cost of restaurants and beautify the restaurants.

5. PVC table placemats are anti-static with excellent electrical insulation performance. They are non-toxic and odourless, which are harmless to the human body. Also, they have good anti radiation performance, effectively preventing the generation of the static electricity. Moreover, their high tenacity and high elasticity can effectively play a damping effect when the floor or working table is paved, and can also prevent the collision and strain of precision products, effectively protecting the appearance of new products from injury. They are a must for the desktop of precision instruments in telecom company, electronics company, computer company and at home.

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