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Features of Gold Colored Table Mats
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Features of Gold Colored Table Mats

Table mats are mainly made of synthetic rubber mixed with anti-static (conductive) and dissipated materials.

The commonly used 2 mm composite structure is double-layered with a 0.5 mm surface of the dissipated static layer and a 1.5 mm base of the conductive one.

The properties of anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-chemical flux make table mats durable, wear-resistant and easy to clean.

Materials and Features of the Gold Colored Table Mats

As an environmentally friendly production, the gold colored table mats are preferred by tables, desks, secretaire, nightstands, coffee tables and so on for the highly transparent mats are heat-durable, cold resistance, anti-pressure, non-toxic and tasteless.

① Employ an imported PVC, a new, healthy and green material by scientific design.

② Be available for various conditions of intense compression and extreme bending with high resilience.

③ Be trustworthy of non-toxic and insulation with a soft and transparent appearance that is easy to clean.

④ Stay original under high temperature with stable chemical properties of paint and aging proof.
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