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Do You Need a Tablecloth for a Solid Wooden Table? Glass or Tablecloth for Solid Wood Table?
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Do You Need a Tablecloth for a Solid Wooden Table? Glass or Tablecloth for Solid Wood Table?

Solid wood tables are made of solid wood as the main material. Because of the particularity of wood, solid wood tables are easy to deform, crack and leave hot marks after being heated. Especially hot dish soup just out of the pot can easily cause damage to the solid wood tables. Therefore, many families will lay tablecloths or glass on solid wooden tables to prevent the occurrence of these injuries. At present, the protection of solid wood dining table tables mainly includes glass, table cloth, PVC table cloth roll, crystal board and so on, which can play a certain protective role. Different protective materials have their advantages and disadvantages. Next, let's see if the solid wood table is protected by glass or tablecloth.


Glass has good heat resistance and cold resistance. Its greatest feature is easy to clean, dirty can be wiped directly with a rag. But the glass is fragile, inconvenient to handle, and not very decorative. The desktop will also be damaged if it breaks. And glass is not easy to handle, decorative is not strong. If you choose to use glass to protect your desktop, you might as well buy tempered glass tables directly.


The table cloth is a common way to protect solid wood meals. The table cloth can be divided into PVC table cloth roll and textile according to its material. PVC table cloth roll is based on cotton cloth. It has soft material, many colors, dirty resistance, non-fading, and long service life. The textile tablecloth has better texture and can bring more luxurious visual sense, but it is easy to dirty, needs frequent cleaning and replacement, and it is relatively troublesome to clean. Dining tables of different shapes should be matched with different tablecloths. The color of tablecloths should be red and orange, which can improve the warmth and comfort of the restaurant, increase appetite, or choose a blue or green system. It mainly depends on the overall decoration style of the space.

3.Crystal board

Protecting solid wooden tabletop with crystal board is a popular choice in recent years. It has good heat resistance and cold resistance, soft texture, bending, easy cleaning, and affordable price.
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