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Different Materials of Household Dining Table Cloth
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Different Materials of Household Dining Table Cloth

We usually cover the dining table cloth on the dinning table at home, as the dining table cloth plays a very important role. Then, what material does household dining table cloth have?

1. PVC table placemats

PVC table placemats are of the best quality among all tablecloths for solid wood table. They feel soft, and have various colors and patterns, which can meet the needs of most people. Besides, PVC table placemats are foldable and are more waterproof than other tablecloths. Moreover, they has long service life. When placed on the table, PVC table placemats can protect the tabletop from being contaminated. If they are contaminated by oil stains, all you need is a gentle wipe.

2. Satin dining table cloth

Satin dining table cloth is also a kind of household tablecloth, but it is suitable for high-grade occasions, which may show the wealth of the owner. Ordinary families will use it for setting up a large banquet at home, which will make the table look noble and gorgeous. In order to avoid getting wrinkled, it is recommended to wash the satin tablecloth using washing machine.

3. Cotton and linen dining table cloth

If satin dining table cloth is used by the upper class, then cotton and linen dining table cloth is for ordinary families. Although cotton and linen tablecloth is not as gorgeous as satin tablecloth, it is commonly used by the public. It is cost-effective, soft and wearable. Moreover, it can add an element of nature for the home. All in all, cotton and linen tablecloth is absolutely more practical than satin tablecloth.

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