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Different Material of Coasters
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Different Material of Coasters

Coasters can be divided into the following categories according to their materials:

1. Paper coaster can not be washed with water because of its fragile characteristics, which is usually disposable.

2. Wooden coasters are more practical and durable, but its color and type are too monotonous.

3. Plastic coasters made of PVC plastic has many shapes, such as cartoon model, brand model, simulation model and so on. The LOGO of additional companies and enterprises is more prominent. It not only has practicability, but also has a good visual effect and advertising effect. In addition, the coaster made of PP material, as well as the combination of the top of PP and the bottom of EVA, is also popular.

4. The metal coaster is mainly made of tinplate, which is also light and durable.

5. The flower coaster picks up the blooming flowers in nature. After finishing and processing, special tools are used for dehydration to keep the original color. After the author's conception, design and paste, a new shape is made, giving it new life.

6. As long as food-grade silica gel is used in the silica gel coaster, it is harmless, safe and non-toxic to the human body, so that the useful "multi-color integrated forming process" can achieve a more colorful appearance. It's one of the most popular advertising promotional gifts nowadays.

The coaster may just be a name. In fact, the role of the coaster is very big, especially the basin-shaped coaster. It is said to be a coaster, but it looks like a candy dish with melon seeds. Many families sometimes use both coasters and candy dishes and melon seeds. It's not that they can't be distinguished, but that their roles overlap and it is more fun. Many people use wooden cushions as dish cushions, while many people use plastic cushions as mouse cushions. Paper cuppads are more humane.

Jinhua Wantu Daily Products Technology Co., Ltd can customize different types of coasters according to customer requirements. Customers are welcome to buy custom coasters.
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