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Did You Really Choose the Right Placemats?
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Did You Really Choose the Right Placemats?

As a kind of automotive products with high usage rate, automotive placemats are very popular with the majority of car users. At the same time, a forceful high automotive foot pad can also show the owner's demeanor. Although many car owners like automotive placemats very much, did you really choose the right one? The driving position of the car is already narrow. The unreasonable use of the automotive placemats will affect the health of us and our family. More importantly, it can reduce the safe driving factor!

In addition to improving the grade sense and visual effect of the car interior, the placemats can also effectively realize the functions of waterproof, skid-proof and dust-proof, and increase the safety of driving in rainy weather. Development of placemats. From the first generation of velvet placemats to the present, there are more and more kinds of placemats, such as silk hoop placemats, 3D silk hoop placemats and all-around placemats. There are a lot of beautiful placemats in our eyes, and each has its own characteristics.

PVC rubber placemat: It is beautiful and cheap, and it is easy to clean, but weak to absorb water and dust.

Generally speaking, the surface of the large-enclosed placemat is made of artificial leather or nylon material. Its advantage is that it can cover the floor as wide as possible, and it is not suitable to move to affect driving. The disadvantage is that it has weak ability to absorb water and dust.

Chemical Velvet placemat: It is warm, sound-proof, soft and moderately priced. However, it has the disadvantages of general decontamination, troublesome cleaning and slow drying.

This kind of placemat is usually made of wool-like, cotton or chemical fibers. It has good warmth and sound insulation, and feet feel soft and comfortable. But it has difficulty in removing and absorbing impurities such as dirt and sand. It is difficult to clean and it takes a long time to dry after cleaning, and the price difference is relatively large.

Nylon or lawn silk mat: It is the highest mat on the market. The disadvantage is the high price.
This kind of material is mainly made of chemical fibre, which has the advantages of comfortable feet, sound insulation, water absorption and adsorption of sand and dust. It is easy to tailor the appropriate size, it is easy to clean, and it can be used immediately after washing.

There are so many kinds of placemats, so what should we pay attention to when buying car placemats?

1. Purchase placemats with fixtures of the same size

2. The thickness of automobile foot placemat should be moderate and the rim should be fitted.

3. Pay attention to product quality

4. Buy dustproof and easy-to-clean placemats as much as possible

5. placemats made of flammable materials should not be purchased
Many placemats use inferior materials in order to reduce manufacturing costs. So this kind of mattress generally has a bad smell, and often this bad smell does a lot of harm to the human body. Therefore, we can't choose cheap products blindly, but choose relatively cheap products on the basis of guaranteeing quality.

Jinhua Wantu Daily Products Technology Co., Ltd offers cheap placemats with high quality. Welcome to order.
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