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Cute PVC Cup Mat
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Cute PVC Cup Mat

The pvc cup mat is a cushion for placing cups made of soft pvc material. Its primary function is to prevent the cup from sliding and to avoid knocking the cup. Then it can achieve the advertising effect through the pattern and logo on the cup mat. PVC soft rubber cup mat is mainly used in restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, tea shops as cup mats because the product can print the logo, telephone, address and other information of different companies. It can not only improve the image of the company, but also play the role of advertising. Of course, there are also many enterprises who used them as gifts to return to customers or potential customers.

The use of pvc cup mat is diversified. It can be used at home. Putting a few cup mats at the tea table of the living room not only beautifies the environment of the living room from a small place, but also avoid hearing "crisp" caused by the intimate contact between the tea cup and the tea table, so the merchants can realize the promotion of advertising to the family.

The use of pvc cup mats in bars, coffee bars and other drinking and leisure places can not only reflect the business characteristics of the place, but also highlight the cultural taste, which has been advertised invisibly and widely.

PVC soft rubber cup pad is made of PVC soft rubber material, and many people get a pvc soft rubber cup, but they do not understand the pad production process. The product production process is generally like this: first, you should open the mold according to the design drawings or samples which customer provide; then you should add sand blasting on the mold and add PVC raw materials color. Then you should continue the production, which is a key link. After coloring the dripping glue onto the mould, the dripping glue is baked on the baking table and then dried to form. Finally, the color of the base material is poured into the baking table and baked again. After the base material is baked, the product is cooled to form with cold water. The above steps will make the shape of a PVC soft rubber cup mat.

Jinhua Wantu Daily Products Technology Co., Ltd continuously improves the production process and adopts professional environmental protection materials. Whether it is table mat products or pvc soft rubber cup mats, products meet export standards, which is environment-friendly and nontoxic. And it has the characteristics of exquisite appearance, bright color, strong stereo sense, clear and natural pattern, soft texture, light resistance, sweat resistance, freeze resistance, friction resistance, aging resistance, fading resistance, water resistance and so on.

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