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Common Mat Types on the Market
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Common Mat Types on the Market

1.Old coarse cloth copper coloured table mats

Old coarse cloth copper coloured table mat is a kind of mat that has been highly sought after in recent years. In fact, it can be regarded as a thick version of the old coarse cloth sheets. The raw material of the old coarse cloth mat is pure cotton yarn, so the texture is soft, sweat absorption and breathability are better. Especially in the air-conditioned house, there is no feeling of being too cold, it is very suitable for the baby. In addition, the old coarse copper coloured table mats can be folded at will, does not occupy space. It is also very convenient to clean, whether it is machine wash or not. These advantages have improved everyone's goodwill.

2. Flax copper mat copper coloured table mats

Flax is a natural fiber, and the mat made of flax is very good in breathability, moisture absorption and moisture wicking. The heat is more durable, the body feels milder and more comfortable, and it doesn't feel too cold like the old cloth mat. In addition, its antibacterial ability is also very strong, can inhibit the growth of fungi and microorganisms, is very suitable for the baby. The linen mat can also be folded, but you should pay attention to the dehydration in the washing machine when washing. Do not wring it out when you wash it. When it is dry to 80%, it should be ironed at a high temperature, which is more conducive to its maintenance.

3. Straw mat

The straw mat is a relatively traditional mat. It is usually made of rush, bulrush, mala grass, etc. It is soft in material, good in water absorption and moderate in coolness. It is more suitable for baby. However, straw mats are relatively easy to breed mites, and burrs may occur when they are damaged for a long time. Therefore, people should be careful when using them. In addition, some people are allergic to grass mats, so people with allergies should still choose carefully, and it is best not to use. Note that the mat should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after use.

4. Bamboo fiber copper coloured table mats

The raw material of bamboo fiber mat is bamboo pulp fiber, which inherits the unique effect of bamboo fiber. It has good moisture-proof and breathable function. It has good water absorption and can inhibit bacteria. The sterilization rate can reach more than 90%. It is naturally anti-mite, deodorant, insect-resistant and eliminates odor. Its texture is flexible and moderately cool. It is very suitable for baby use. The bamboo fiber mat is easy to remove and wash, and can be folded and stored.

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