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Classification of Dining Table Cloth
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Classification of Dining Table Cloth

White table cloths are also issues that we will pay attention to in our daily lives. Let's take a look at the classification and knowledge introduction of table cloths.

Classification of dining table cloth

1. Classified by production process:

Plastics: PVC table cloth, EVA table cloth, PEVA table cloth, hot stamping table cloth, cotton-backed PVC table cloth, PP table cloth and other polyethylene table cloth, cast film table cloth.

Textiles: polyester-cotton slub printed tablecloth, polyester-cotton knitted lace tablecloth, pure cotton mercerized tablecloth, polyester warp-knitted jacquard tablecloth, pure cotton mercerized jacquard tablecloth, polyester-cotton plain weave printed tablecloth, polyester-cotton plain weave embroidery tablecloth, Linen knitted lace tablecloth, polyester linen plain weave applique tablecloth, VS tablecloth, star silk tablecloth.

2. Classified according to its purpose:

For example, round scallopedged tablecloth for dining table, square flat edge tablecloth for dining table, round fringed tablecloth for coffee table, etc. Practical table and tablecloth highlights its function, and the general material is mainly plastic, and the color is relatively simple.

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