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Classification and Manufacture of Tablecloths
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Classification and Manufacture of Tablecloths

First, it is classified according to the production process. Plastics: PVC table cloth, EVA table cloth, PEVA table cloth, hot table cloth, cotton substrate PVC table cloth, PP table cloth, etc. Textiles: polyester/cotton knit lace tablecloth, pure cotton mercerized mesh buckle tablecloth, polyester silk warp jacquard tablecloth, pure cotton silk jacquard tablecloth, polyester linen woven applique tablecloth and so on.

The second is to be classified according to the scope of use, such as table round edging tablecloth, dining table square flat tablecloth, coffee table round studded tablecloth, bedroom bedside table lace tablecloth, bedroom coffee table rectangular tassel tablecloth. There is also a table round disposable non-woven tablecloth.

According to its use, it can be broadly divided into two categories: practicality and decoration.

Practical tablecloths pay attention to their functions. The general materials are mainly plastic and the color is relatively simple. Since the quality of the table is getting higher and higher, many families generally do not use tablecloths. When the guests come to the house, they simply lay a layer of disposable tablecloth and throw it away after use. Although this tablecloth is simple, it is not environmentally friendly.

Therefore, the practical tablecloth is mainly made of PVC texture, and the PVC tablecloth is also the most secure with the quality of the cotton substrate PVC tablecloth. Most of its production is realized by pvc table cloth roll. The layer of cotton on the bottom of the tablecloth makes it soft and easy to fold, avoiding the disadvantages of the traditional PVC tablecloth being hard and brittle. Moreover, this tablecloth is not as simple and dull as the traditional plastic tablecloth. Its color and pattern are diverse, easy to match a variety of decoration styles, is a good choice for soft decoration. This tablecloth is dirt-resistant, easy to clean and easy to carry. It has a long service life and is not easy to fade. PVC tablecloths have been very popular in Europe and the United States. In recent years, due to the hot weather in Japan and Southeast Asian countries, PVC tablecloths have also become popular in these countries. In China, the gradual maturity of the pvc table cloth roll equipment and its low-cost and good quality characteristics have also been welcomed by many families.

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