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Choose A Placemat to Make the Table More Stylish
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Choose A Placemat to Make the Table More Stylish

In fact, the placemat is used as a practical item and decoration on the table. Its choice is like dressing. Although there is no written and universal rule, there are some experiences worth sharing.

Regarding the combination of placemats and tableware, the size is based on the ratio of table tops and tableware. After putting on the tableware, the principle is that the tableware does not run out of the placemat. The round placemat is best matched with a round plate. If a round plate is to be matched with a square placemat, it depends on whether the scale is too different. It is best to have a proper white space.

In general, consider the size and proportion of the table when picking up the placemat. In principle, they do not overlap each other. In addition, the overall composition of the table mat and the dining table should be coordinated, and the choice of color and material should not cause a sudden feeling.

Solid color or plain placemats are not easy to make mistakes, adapt to various styles, and will not grab the limelight of food. The copper coloured table mats give a retro and atmospheric feel to the table with dark wood dining tables and metallic patterns. At the same time, the color of the copper coloured table mats are relatively deep, and the food oil stains are not obvious. The copper coloured table mat is especially suitable for industrial winds and is a good choice for food backgrounds. The linen placemat has a rough texture and a comfortable tacit fit with coarse grains.
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