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Are PVC Table Placemats Harmful to Human Health?
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Are PVC Table Placemats Harmful to Human Health?

According to the US FDA, China QS and other food and drug related specifications as well as normal human body mechanism, PVC table placemats are not toxic to human body. The so-called environmental protection and safety is linked with the environmental pollution caused by halogen chlorine and its compound produced by the degradation and mixed discharge of the discarded materials in the waste incineration rather than contact poisoning.

Take a simple example: even if the food falls on the PVC table placemats, there is no problem taking it back and eating it. The toxicity of PVC table placemats is not even PPB grade. In addition, many daily-used disposable plastic water cups and lunch boxes are made of PVC. In the United States and Islamic countries, 95% of PVC table placemats are exported from China, so it's safe to use them.

PVC is formulated by PVC powder (generally 5-type calcium carbide powder), heavy calcium powder, ST600 (Ami Mina Smooth Environmental Powder), titanium dioxide, heat stabilizer, ultramarine, DOP and epoxy oil. However, a few bad PVC table cloth suppliers will use inferior waste oil as a formula to produce DOP and epoxy oil, which will lead to the excessive aspergillus flavus unable to be killed by the high temperature, or even aflatoxin bred by the oil precipitated by the inferior finished products in the storage and transportation environment. Therefore, it is safer not to buy tablecloth or table placemats which feel oily.

At present, PVC table placemats should be the most common table mats. It not only has good thermal insulation, but also has soft texture, which can effectively protect the tabletop. In addition, PVC material can effectively isolate static electricity, which can be perfectly applied in offices and scientific research laboratories.

Strictly abide by the production and industry standards, WANTU is a professional manufacturer and supplier of PVC table placemats. Our PVC table placemats are safe and reliable, and can be used for a long time with good quality. Choose WANTU can let you worry free.

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