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Advantages of PVC Table Placemats
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Advantages of PVC Table Placemats

The PVC table placemats is a table guard and decoration, referred as a way for advertising, promotion, publicity with the printed company LOGO in school canteens, which delivers corporate cultures with better effects. In addition,they beautify the dining environment at home.

Delicate transparent table placemats are reusable and environmentally friendly with non-toxic beautiful printing.

Advantages of PVC table placemats:

1. PVC table placemats, for tables at home or in the office, serves as a considerate protector to the furniture and its owner.

2. The long life enjoyed material is the highly transparent soft glass, which is heat and cold resistant, acid and alkali endurable, pressure, impact and tension bearable, static electricity and aging proof as well as excellent light transmission.

3. The soft table surface facilitates the writing and the document processing, being a promoter to the efficiency of banks, schools, government agencies, companies thereby reducing costs.

4. It makes an elegant restaurant out of economical cleaning costs and a spring table in all seasons in the office. It is a flexible insulator, an excellent guard of flame, moisture, heat, sound, corrosion, impact, light and climate being permanent in its shape and color.

5. On account of its outstanding anti-static ability, it is an essential product on tables with precision instruments of telecommunications, electronics, computer companies. It is the common practice of major companies whose daily necessity is computers that the glass top has been replaced by the PVC placemats.

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