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2018 Annual Dinner
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2018 Annual Dinner

A good farewell to the unforgettable 2017, We ushered a completely new 2018. on 5th.February, Jinhua Wantu Daily Products Company throw 2018 annual meeting at 3rd

the floor in Sanding New Century Grand Hotel Yiwu.

The conference kicked off under a masterly and truthful New Year's speech of General Manager Mr. Meng, it makes an all-sided objective and fair conclusion about the

development of Wantu in 2017, at the same time, proposed the future development ideas for the company in 2018. The meeting gives commendation and recognition on the

advanced departments and advanced individuals of the Company in 2017, looking forward to a more good performance in 2018.

At this annual meeting, all members together to perform their own colorful and varied literary programs, and the excitement of lottery activities bring the whole party onto

its splendid moment. The chorus "Tomorrow Will Be Better" brought us a wonderful beginning, expressing good blessings of all people for the company a better tomorrow.

Feng Shifen, director of the company perform a wonderful dance for everyone intoxicated; The program is interspersed with employee interactive games that make the scene

extremely lively; still have continuous colorful programs by other members, which get the meeting night full of great fun.

New Year dinner banquet is prepared for all staff to celebrate working days together in past one year, wish we could have better.relation for each one in the following days. The

the whole meeting finally ends in a harmonious, warm, passionate and joyful atmosphere, showing off the energetic, positive and united spirit of our employees. Looking back on

2017, we make concerted efforts to strive hard and gain together. Looking forward to 2018, with the same goals and full confidence, we expect to have a brilliant future


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