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What is Table Runner
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What is Table Runner

Originating from Chinese traditional culture, a table runner, with the fabric to be the dominant, is an ornament placed on tables.

Placed on the central line or the diagonal line of the table, the table ornament enriches the cultural atmosphere where conversations are made.

Of the two PVC table runners, one is the office table runner and the other is for home decoration.

Not only does it play a decorative role, the office table runner set on a desk or a conference table also is a standpoint representing the nation, companies and individuals.

The home table runner, with the 14 X 21 (cm) to be the major, is laid on the tea table in the living or the table in the dining room to pleasing the eye.

The PVC table runner is popular in the Chinese traditional home application, as well as in South Korea.

Its application is exquisite asking for the harmony not only of the colors of tableware, the table and chairs but also of the overall home decoration to upgrade the artistic style. A featured and refined table runner, as it is, promotes an aesthetic atmosphere at home.

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