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What is pvc cup mat?
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What is pvc cup mat?

PVC cup mat is not only good in texture, but also bright in color and beautiful in appearance. It is an artifact to protect the table. Therefore, it is deeply loved by people. However, what are the special features of pvc cup mat? Please take a look at it below.

PVC is one of the largest plastic products in the world and has a wide range of applications. The performance of PVC is good. It has the function of fireproof and heat resistance, and its chemical stability is also good. The pvc cup mat is a mat for placing cups made of soft pvc material.The primary function is to prevent the cup from sliding and to avoid damaging the cup. This is pvc cup mat.

The use of PVC cup mat

Since we have already understood what is pvc cup mat, then naturally we can think of pvc cup mat can be used at home. Put a few coasters on the coffee table in the living room to beautify the living room environment from the tiny places, and avoid the “clear” sound of the tea cup intimately touching the coffee table. The use of pvc cup mat in drinks and leisure venues such as bars and coffee bars not only reflects the business characteristics of the venue, but also highlights the cultural taste. It is a product of both decorative and practical.
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