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The New Trend of Table Decoration - Jinhua Wantu Vinyl Placemat
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The New Trend of Table Decoration - Jinhua Wantu Vinyl Placemat

In recent years, tablecloths and placemats have been quietly popular on fashionable tables. It swept the cold and blunt, making the meal warm. Changing the table flag and placemats at will is like changing the dishes all the time, and it will definitely make people's appetite open.

Through exclusive research and development, Jinhua Wantu has changed the safety plastic "vinyl resin" made of vinyl record material into a placemat, a table flag, etc., which we collectively call a vinyl mat. Using the high elongation and thinness of the vinyl mat, it not only makes wood-like patterns, bamboo and other styles, but also weaves a rich totem. This unique technology can create a variety of series, such as the corrugated series. It is to use a more intensive weaving method to interpret the classic vocabulary. The imitation bamboo series presents the oriental Zen of bamboo, exuding a unique culture and tranquility of the East.

In the collocation, Jinhua Wantu suggested that the vinyl placemat can be presented in the same color when first trying to match. In addition to the introduction, the overall presentation is both noble and elegant. If you want a little creative change, you can add a translucent hollow versatile style. This way you can see the contrast and the level. In addition to high elongation and lightness, the vinyl placemat also has the characteristics of easy cleaning and storage. After simply washing with water and soap, dry it naturally. The vinyl placemat is not only convenient, but also meets the needs of busy modern people.

Jinhua Wantu provides wholesale vinyl placemats service. Welcome to purchase.
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