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The Functions of Cheap Bear Coasters
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The Functions of Cheap Bear Coasters

 Many bars and restaurants use beer coasts when serving drinks to guests. Although the beer coaster is only a small mat, it makes a great difference. In summer, guests like to drink ice beer. Beer taken out of the refrigerator, after exposing in the air, will liquefy into small droplets on the cup because of the rising temperature. The table will be wet if the beer cup is put directly on the table. Especially in bars, the liquidity of the guests is relatively high. Perhaps as soon as the first wave of guests left, another group of guests would immediately sit in that position. Waiters often have no time to clean the table. So if they use beer coasters, the table will not be too dirty and will be easy to clean. The anti-skid function of beer coasters is another reason why many pubs use them. When there are many customers in the shop, it is troublesome for waiters to keep accounts and remember how many drinks the guests order and which table the guests are. But it can be very simple with beer coasters. When the waiter checks out, he just needs to count the number of coasters. It's very convenient. On the one hand, the coaster is very practical. On the other hand, it will be beautifully designed, which will make the store tasteful.
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