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The Classification of Table Mats
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The Classification of Table Mats

Being double-faced smooth, table mats of PVC is crystal clear, which can cover the table directly. They are preferable for the wood furniture without lacquer or gloss and tables designed for cotton table mats.

Table mats of soft glass, generally, are sold by factories of table mat wholesale.

The table mat made of soft glass is non-toxic and tasteless with an excellent electrical insulation performance, inert chemical properties and an anti-radiation ability. It effectively curbs and dissipates the electrostatic without any adverse reactions to the health, which makes it a perfect practice on the desk with household precision instruments.

The cotton table mat made of cotton fabric or pure cotton is good at water absorbing and heat controlling. Soft and easy-to-clean, together with delicate tableware, it reveals an elegant lifestyle.

The table mat made of crystal plate is heat and frost resistant, pressure endurable, non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly, being preferred by multiple tops, such as tables, desks, nightstands and coffee tables.

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