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The Classification of Hard Table Mats
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The Classification of Hard Table Mats

What’s a table mat made of? The hard table mats serve to protect the dining table.

Materials of mats differ, so as their duties.

Which one is preferred for hard table mats?

1.The Silicone Table Mat

Common mats with the major application for tea cups are designed into different patterns and permanent colors. They will turn to black if they are overheated or stained for a long time.

2.The Cotton Table Mat

Equipped with strong water absorption, it is qualified to be the mat of tableware. The mat can isolate the high temperature in case of scalding. Soft and cosy, cotton mats are easy to clean. However, relatively fragile as the material of the cotton mats is, the long-term stains with bacterial residues are unable to clean.

3.The Bamboo Table Mat

Bamboo mat are everywhere in restaurants, especially in shops. The bamboo table mats are able to shield the table by heat-insulating in case of any scalding and damaging. They can be made into different shapes of high decorative value. Besides, they are effective in use with a long service life of pest free. Above all, they are practical and economical.

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