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Standard for Selecting Good Placemats
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Standard for Selecting Good Placemats


Placemats outdoors : When choosing, focus on plastic + leaking dust, so that when the foot rubs on the mat, it is easy to quickly remove the dust.

2. Inside the door

After the first layer of protection, the door is relatively simple. Placemats inside the door: short hair and dense.

3. Kitchen

Every time you cook, the kitchen is like World War. The table is in a mess and the floor is splashed with water and oil. If you are not careful, you may fall down. Therefore, it is necessary to lay a placemats for your own safety, usually one or two rectangles.

Kitchen placemats: Short hair ordinary mattress. Choose dark color as far as possible. The back should be slippery.


The placemats are placed at the door of the bathroom. It prevents you from getting wet footprints all over the room when you come out of the shower. If there are old people with children, maybe they will accidentally fall. And if your bathroom is tile and your living room bedroom is wooden floor, it's more necessary to put a placemat on it. It's not a good thing that wooden flooring often touches water. Bathroom doormat: Slip-proof, water-absorbing plush placemat, and a diatom mud placemat is also suitable for bathroom.

5.Bedroom doorway or bedside

Some people will put a placemat at the bedroom door, which is the same as the balcony or stairway entrance. The purpose of the mattress is to prevent slippage, especially when there are old people and children at home. There are also placemat on both sides of the bed so that you will not catch a cold if you occasionally go to the ground barefoot to have water at night. For babies'mothers, the purpose of bedside floor mattress is simpler. If a child accidentally falls under the bed, it won't hurt too much. The floor placemat should be made of cotton or superfine fibers.

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